If you're a die hard, well, Die Hard fan who shuddered at the fourth installment, Live Free or Die Hard, now is the time to cower in the corner, your hat pulled tightly over your ears and eyes as you hum and try to rock yourself back into happiness. While chatting with MTV about the upcoming Cop Out, Bruce Willis talked the possibility and reality of Die Hard 5: "I think we're going to do a Die Hard 5 next year."

Willis stated: "The John McClane that exists is only in film and in people's minds. And it continues to grow, that mythology continues to grow." The actor wants to hire Len Wiseman, and says to up the trapped feeling that's morphed through the series from building, to airport, to city, to the internet, Bruce thinks it's time "to go worldwide." Ah, digging into the wonderfully claustrophobic and teeny tiny little planet.

For MTV, they say that four was released "much to the delight of fans," but that sounds like "we must be nice to our stars" mentality. The Die Hard series has evolved from an over-the-top but easy to love and admire feature, into a big-boom action fest that lost all the heart. (Granted, the ridiculous stunts in the last film weren't so different from James Cameron's ridiculous final fight scene in Avatar.) Willis may say that the mythology continues to grow, but it's time for McClane to get a rest. Or rather, to be put to rest for good. Give him a good send-off, one worthy of Hans Gruber and the Nakatomi Incident, and let it be done with.

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