It's been a while since we've heard from Kevin James. Last year, he moved from mall cops to zookeepers, and then stayed relatively silent on the cinematic front. But now he's getting a new comedic twist. According to Deadline Hollywood, Ron Howard is setting up a new comedy about infidelity over at Universal Pictures, and James will star alongside Vince Vaughn.

Written by Allan Loeb and slated to be Ron Howard's next directorial feature (his last being last year's Angels & Demons), the film will focus on best friends and business partners -- enter Vaughn and James -- whose relationship is tested by one of those pesky tell-or-not-tell scenarios. Vaughn see's James' wife with another man, and has to decide whether or not he'll tell. Deadline says the project is untitled, but previous reports have labeled the feature Your Cheating Heart.

While everyone seems to be salivating over every Arrested Development tidbit, I'm much more interested in the possibility of that great humor transferring over into Howard's other projects. James and Vaughn suggest this will be nothing but a goofy comedy, but considering Howard's involvement with the beloved cult series, and that he hasn't shot a comedy since 1999's EdTV, I'm hoping for a little smart humor. Is that possible, and can James deliver it?
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