We've all been in this situation before: You're watching a movie when all of a sudden a certain actor comes on the screen -- one you've seen countless times before -- and the person next to you goes, "Oh, I see that guy all the time -- what's his name again?" ... and then you're stuck. You don't know his name, and it pisses you off because you've watched a ton of movies where this guy is featured in one small-but-memorable role after another, and this is film knowledge that you definitely should possess. Needless to say, you're forced to fudge your way through an answer ("Oh, it's on the tip of my tongue; he was in that movie with that other guy where they had to go to that place with the thing ...")

It's cool, this happens to most of us. Hollywood is full of terrific character actors who are so good at blending into a film while delivering a scene-stealing performance that half the time we don't stop to learn the actor's name because we're too fascinated with the character he played in that movie we love. Well, a new site called "That Guy!" is now attempting to help you learn the names behind the faces. Unfortunately they're only focused on actors and not actresses at the moment, but they have a pretty good list going so far.

Here are their requirements: "To make it onto this page, a "That Guy" has to have appeared in a solid number of both movies and TV shows. The numbers are not carved in stone but 75 movies/series and 100 TV guest appearances are the "lifetime .300 average and 500 homers" for this particular hall of fame. Bonus points go to guys that have non-recurring roles in multiple hit movies or guest appearances on popular TV shows."

Check out That Guy! and let us know who they left out ...

[via Neatorama]
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