There are some strict CanCon (Canadian Content) laws up here in Canada, one of them being that for any homegrown, publicly funded film, one of the two stars must be a Canadian actor. It makes sense for a country continually struggling to have a national identity while snuggled against the U.S. But now the CBC reports that Michel Roy, head of Telefilm Canada, is trying to get the government to change their foreign star restrictions.

He thinks that adding more U.S. stars into the mix will help Canadian movies gain bigger box office draws, since in English Canada, only one percent of the box office receipts came from maple leaf films. "We need to make changes -- in order to make those changes we will have to dare to do new things that at times might shock some people," Roy says. While he recognizes that some residents won't want their tax dollars going to U.S. stars, he thinks this will give Canadian talent more exposure.

But it's not only taxpayers who won't be happy, ACTRA (Canada's actor's union) executive director Stephen Waddell told The Hollywood Reporter: ""Using Canadian taxpayers' money to finance Hollywood is not only wrong, it's an old idea that's been tried and proven to fail repeatedly since the '70s." He also mentions just how many Hollywood stars are Canadian (which would combine star power and rule-abiding).

Me, I wonder what happens when the stars want big bucks, and the films still do little business due to lack of exposure? Look at 2009's releases. There's some good films in there, but they're mainly very small productions. Angelina wouldn't be circling these puppies.

Thoughts? Any filmmakers or actors happy with this possible twist?
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