It's already become conventional wisdom that 'Avatar's' success will change the way movies get made. What those changes will be and how they'll take effect is still anyone's guess. But we're already seeing a ripple effect, as studios use James Cameron's blue bombshell as a guide for how to make the next wave of blockbusters and even for which movies to greenlight. In other words, in the near term, you can expect a lot more 3-D.

The latest example comes with the news that 'Spider-Man 4' director Mark Webb is consulting with Cameron himself on how best to use 3-D in his Spidey reboot. Just a month ago, you may recall, 'Spider-Man 4' was going to be a conventional sequel, with director Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire still attached, and that Raimi, inspired by 'Avatar,' wanted to make a film with unusually elaborate -- but not 3-D -- special effects. You may also recall that Sony abruptly scrapped this story idea as too expensive and time-consuming, parted ways with its expensive director and star and hired the bargain-priced Webb (whose only previous feature is '(500) Days of Summer'), who agreed to make the new movie in 3-D.
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