It's not uncommon for a country or state to tap into the film industry for their commercials meant to lure in tourists. I'm sure we've all seen the Come to California TV spots that feature instantly recognizable celebrities pitching how great the state's rolling hills and surprisingly smog-free landscapes are. But what kind of tactics can other countries pull if they don't have a golfing Clint Eastwood at the ready?

Well, if you're Denmark, you turn to your most notorious filmmaker, Lars Von Trier. That's right, the man who most recently brought the world the genital horrors of Antichrist has now created a series of advertisements for Denmark's National Tourism Board. The goal? Leverage Von Trier's provocateur status to showcase the unique experiences one can expect to find when visiting Europe's best kept tourism secret.

I've gone ahead and embedded the Onion News Networks' unveiling of the "harrowing' ads below. Don't worry, unlike Von Trier's more arthouse work, this broadcast is definitely safe for work. Unless your workplace hates laughter, in which case, click ahead at your own risk.
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