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Is the obsession with bacon, or rather BaCoN, elemental? Geekologie spots a barium, cobalt, and nitrogen-based bacon shirt.

Ian Scoones, visual and special effects designer who worked on old-school Doctor Who, has passed away. [Total Sci-Fi Online]

Albert Pyun, the director of the '80s crap classic Cyborg, has a new website, according to Quiet Earth, and he is gearing up for a return to post-nuclear action with the help of writers Kitty Chalmers, Rebecca Charles, and Cynthia Curnan.

Walter Koenig -- aka Chekov on Star Trek -- talks to MSNBC about his missing son, Andrew Koenig (Boner from Growing Pains). [SciFi Wire]

Topless Robot dares to discern the 8 Greatest Minor Characters in The Venture Bros.

District 9 scribe Terri Tatchell says she's now working on a sci-fi short film called Terminus, according to her interview with io9.

BoingBoing finds a human furniture collection. Too bad these aren't robotic legs that could bring the bookshelf to you.

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