Comedy Central is dishing up a new animated horror-comedy series which follows the exploits of a social worker who helps humans and creatures alike adapt to the rat race otherwise known as New York City. Ugly Americans will premiere on Comedy Central March 17 at 10:30 PM.

Mark Lilly works at the Department of Integration and is trying to help the good citizens of the Big Apple -- some of who also happen to be werewolves, vampires and demons. His zombie roommate (who he found on Craigslist) and his sexually aggressive demon boss (also his office fling) are just a few in the cast of quirky characters (human and non-human) that keep him quite busy. You can catch the trailer for the series after the jump. I'm glad that the show features other characters like conjoined robots and mermaids in addition to the standard horror fiends. Also, does anyone else love that '2 Legit' t-shirt?

I think the animation is alright (someone loves Charles Burns), but I'd love to see a live-action version of this story on the big screen. Mark's zombie roommate, Randall Skeffington (voiced by Kurt Metzger) is played as a lovable slob, but he's still the kind of guy I would play video games or watch movies with. When I think of roommates in films, I instantly think of someone highly annoying. Actors like Renee Zellweger (she would always be asking for advice), Hugh Grant (zzzz...), Alan Tudyk (I love Joss Whedon but I can't stand this guy), anyone from the cast of Friends and Franklin from TCM (die!) would make supremely irritating co-habitators. What about the role for best demonic boss/love interest? The brunettes have my votes: Monica Bellucci, Edwige Fenech, Salma Hayek and Julia Voth.

Now, what about your picks?
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