As studios look to make as much cash as they can off of recognizable names, Warner Bros. has decided to throw a little manners into our mix of rude heathens. According to Variety, Emily Post is going to end up in a future, as yet untitled, comedy from the studio, based on the manner maven's bestselling book, Etiquette. (And just who is name-dropping Emily Post so that she's a recognizable name now?)

The icon made her fame with the 1922 book, which detailed the polite way to deal with all manners of society, business, politics, and home. For this film, her P's and Q's will be used to offer us a gender-bending, My Fair Lady-esque romcom. The story will center "on a prissy Emily Post manners coach who turns a rough-around-the-edges guy into a proper gentlemen." Yawn. Wasn't that done 90 years ago?

Manners are polite and nice in all forms of society, but we really don't need another "men must be polite to women" mentality out there. It may sound crazy, but we can hold doors open and offer coats with the best of them. Why not use Post's guidelines to make us all a little bit nicer to each other, rather than suggest that only men need a little gentlemanly conduct? Nevertheless, this fits right into the cliche-ridden, romcom world out there where stereotypes and classic romance are clung to desperately. Me, I'll hold my own door and put on my own coat, thank you.
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