With the March 19th release date for Repo Men fast approaching, Universal has seen fit to kick the marketing up a notch for their Jude Law and Forest Whitaker-starring genre hybrid about a future in which life-saving organ transplants can be repossessed if a customer gets behind on their payments. Their campaign includes a run of posters advertising the fictional organ donation conglomerate, ominously titled The Union, and today the Moviefone network (of which Horror Squad is a part) has been given four of their artificial organ advertisements to unveil.

And, honestly, I do dig the mood they're going for here (I'm also a big fan of posters that don't actually have the film's title on it). It's clear from the trailer that Miguel Sapochnik's film had a twisted sense of humor, but these new posters, combined with the real website for the fake Union corporation, are sure driving that tongue deeper into the cheek. Check out the "Guys Won't Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses" variant in full below and head over to Inside Movies, Cinematical and Sci-Fi Squad for the other three.

Oh, and if you're looking to make some cash, keep your eye out for an upcoming team up between Universal, Repo Men, and Wired that will give four lucky nomads a chance at $10,000 grand if they can stay hidden off the grid for about a month.

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