Matt DamonMatt Damon's last two acting gigs have been biographical -- Mark Whitacre in 'The Informant!' and his Oscar-nominated portrayal of François Pienaar in Clint Eastwood's 'Invictus.'

Since that's been working out so well for him, why not continue the trend, go bigger and play someone that everyone knows? That seems to be exactly what Damon is thinking, as Deadline Hollywood is now reporting that he's just signed with New Regency to play slain Presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy in a film based on the Evan Thomas biography 'His Life.'

This could be a huge role for Damon, and certainly good news for movie fans disappointed by the box-office bomb 'Bobby,' released back in 2006. But don't get too excited: Damon still has to approve the script before shooting begins.
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