Thanks to the backlash against political correctness, a backlash that's been going on for, oh, about 20 years now, it has become more unforgivable to point out racism than to actually practice it. After all, to notice (or claim to notice) racism is to fail to be color-blind, so it's the person who sees racism who's the real racist. Old-school racism, the kind where white people treat non-white people as lesser beings, apparently magically ceased to exist when President Obama was elected/Oprah became a billionaire/Martin Luther King marched on Washington/the Civil War ended ... pick your milestone.

So it's no wonder we can't have an intelligent, thoughtful discussion about whether racism persists in movies. Muddying the waters further is a recent list from entitled 'The 50 Most Racist Movies (You Didn't Think Were Racist).' It's a deliberately provocative (and often tongue-in-cheek) list that mixes genuine incidents of bad-faith movie racism with instances of mere lazy and thoughtless stereotyping and even some films that might not be racist at all but simply touch upon inflammatory topics.
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