Forget Jonathan Levin. Almost a year later, The Sitter is finally taking shape, and it doesn't have a little Mandy Lane fervor behind it. The Hollywood Reporter posts that David Gordon Green is now in talks to direct The Sitter, with Jonah Hill starring. Taking a cue from the 1987 hit Adventures in Babysitting, this flick will follow a college kid "suspended for the semester and living at home with his single mom, who has a night to remember when he gets talked into babysitting the eccentric kids next door: two boys and a wild 8-year-old girl."

Well, let's give Fox credit. Instead of just stealing the idea from the '80s film and pissing us all off, they've decided to just go with the similar story and work in homage territory. Although, unfortunately, I'm sure this wild young gal won't wear Thor's wings on her cute l'il head. Nor will she have the Shue to guide her. Instead, it's all up to Jonah Hill, just about the least likely babysitter anyone can think of.

Chances are, this will have a little Pineapple Express flavor since David Gordon Green is interested, but really, I'm more annoyed with his turn to mainstream projects -- not just because of his great indies bent, but how vocal he has been when talking about original and worthy cinematic ventures. Someone's just looking for a pay day. Can Hill deliver?
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