MTV was once known for playing music videos. That's changed over the years (to the point where I can't even recall the last time I saw a music video on MTV...) and now it's mostly known as the network of Real World/Road Rules crossovers and programs where Italian girls get punched in the face.

That paradigm may be changing as well. MTV has been slowly but surely inserting more horror into their programming line-up over the course of the past year. They've broadcast theatrical titles like the Scream movies, and they've even produced an original slasher flick of their own--last October's My Super Psycho Sweet 16. The latest example of how the channel might be changing from Music Television to Murder Television turned up at Bloody-Disgusting this morning.

The channel is airing a clip for a new Saturday Night Horror block of programming. Starting February 27th, at 10 PM, MTV will air a horror film every Saturday night for at least the next month. First up on the docket? George Romero's Land of the Dead. Subsequent features include The Hills Have Eyesremake (3/6), Slither (3/13), Deep Blue Sea(3/20) and Ti West's House of the Devil(3/27). These features will be edited, but B-D says the gore in the films will be left intact. I remain unconvinced.

No word on whether this is a trial run or something that's set to become a full-time Saturday night feature. Hopefully it catches on, because horror on TV is always a good thing--even when there's six minutes of commercials for every ten minutes of movie shown.

Jump past the break for the teaser promo.
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