I like giving myself movie-related assignments. Was I ever the kid in class that loved homework? Hell no! But when the assignments cater to, and ultimately legitimize, my marathon movie-watching habits, I can easily abide them. I've already charged myself with attending every Terror Tuesday this year at the Alamo Drafthouse and I'm also wrapping up a year-long project wherein I watch one new movie every day so clearly I have a cinemaddiction and it's hard to schedule meetings for those support groups when all the members are at the movies.

So Jaws was a pretty good movie right? Man-versus-nature film that not only spring-boarded Spielberg's career but made people afraid to go near any large body of water for decades to come (I actually heard stories of completely rational people who were consequently afraid to get into a bathtub). Amy movie that takes a relatively simple idea and turns an enormous profit from it is bound to have wannabes, imitators, and unscrupulous impersonators. I had never contemplated the multitude of Jaws rip-offs that must exist on one home video format or another but their existence is in no way shocking. So, in the interest of science...ish, I have decided to dedicate myself to viewing every single knockoff and rip-off I can get my greedy hands on. I'm not necessarily launching a new column per se but rather highlighting a theme you can expect from me over the next few months.

Today's rip-off: Orca.
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