Thursday, March 4 is a major day for Avatarfans (we need a cool nickname for them -- Fandorans? Fanvatars?). It's the last day that the film will be widely played theatrically in 3-D. By Friday, March 5, Disney'sAlice In Wonderland will own most of the nation's 3-D screens, including those at IMAX locations. If you want to see Pandora in three-dimensions one more time, you've got about a week to do so.

No one predicted that the Academy Award-nominated film would do as well as it did, smashing box office records with a worldwide take of over $2 billion. It could probably coast along with another month's worth of wide-play in theatres and continue to do very well, but even Cameron knows that once Alice is released, Avatar's long ride is pretty much over. Last week, he announced the film would be hitting DVD and Blu-ray on Earth Day, April 22.

I've seen it one and a half times, and I'd like to catch it again this week in 3-D before it's gone. How many times did you see Avatar? Was once enough, or did you go back for more?
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