Not long after the film 2012 hit theaters, its director Roland Emmerich was running around telling people that they were planning a spin-off television show that would follow survivors of the first film attempting to rebuild humanity after arriving in Africa. Speaking to Movieweb about the upcoming 2012 DVD, Emmerich now says the TV show is most likely dead in the water because what they wanted to do was just too expensive for TV.

He says, "It's not totally dead. Mark Gordon is still trying to come up with an idea on how to make it cheaper. I don't think it will happen. I had a certain vision. We realized what kind of compromises we were going to have to make. Because of that, I said, "No thank you." Speaking more about the plot, Emmerich added, "It would have been a great TV show. Because it would have dealt with the facts of arriving in Africa. We would have seen what happened had Cape Town survived. Those people already living there would be majorly pissed. Because the ships didn't take them. There was this whole political edge to it. It would have been a very political TV show. It had such big themes. It was about reaching for the stars. There was an economic reality that kept it from becoming a reality. We didn't want to compromise. We said, "Let's not do it."

Hey, no skin off my back -- Emmerich's films are usually more about the spectacle than the characters, and it's easy to lose yourself in spectacle for two hours, but week in and week out? No thanks.

What about you? Pissed there's not going to be a 2012 TV show?
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