Update: Thanks to our pal Maxim Pozderac, we now have video of the goods in store for you, should you try to track down your local Flynn Lives operative. If you're the kind of fan who wants their hands on some cool (and presumably rare) Tron Legacy memorabilia, keep checking FlynnLives.com for updates on the city nearest you.

Last week a bunch of folks received a different colored (red, yellow, blue) diamond-shaped piece of viral awesomeness from the Tron: Legacy people, and it revealed a website that was counting down to 11am EST, today. What has now been revealed over at the official Flynn Lives website is a scavenger hunt that's taking place in cities across the world ... right this very second. Says a note on the site: "We are deploying envoys to 27 locations around the world and we need you to meet up with the Flynn Lives contact in your area. Check the link below to find out when and where this rendezvous will take place. Then, get ready to hit the streets."

Only Chicago, Orlando and Paris are active right now, with directions to head to a certain location (which appear to be arcades or spaces large enough to hold a make-shift arcade) and give someone in a Flynn Lives t-shirt a password, but those of you who live in the following cities should continue to check this site to see when your turn is up: Sydney, Denver, Madrid, Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Raleigh, San Diego, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Austin, Minneapolis, Nashville, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix and London.

If you do head out, let us know what you find. As we saw with similar viral campaigns for films like The Dark Knight, this all will most likely end later today with some sort of trailer premiere (we hope), image reveal ... or perhaps some sort of 3D footage reveal at said locations. Sound off if you happen to find anything cool ...
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