The Coen Bros' remake of True Grit definitely has fans divided. There are many film aficionados who don't want to see the John Wayne classic revisited, even if the Coens are actually re-adapting Charles Portis' original novel. If it was anyone but the Coens, I'd be skeptical, but they're not exactly lightweights. Nor are Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin, or Matt Damon. But now they've cast the part that the entire film must hinge on -- Mattie Ross, the plunky young heroine who seeks to avenge her father's death. According to Variety, the Coens have settled on newcomer Hailee Steinfeld.

Steinfeld has a few credits to her name, and perhaps one of you have seen 2009's She's a Fox and remember Miss Steinfeld. But I'm going to assume she's no slouch. If there's one thing the Coens can get out of anyone, it's a good performance. They could have had anyone for Mattie, as they threw the net far and wide. I'm anxious to see what she can do with the role. I've never particularly cared for Kim Darby's Mattie and lesser directorial hands could do worse, but the Coens can certainly do better.

True Grit begins shooting next month in New Mexico, and is set to be released on December 25. I certainly don't want to rush back into winter, but I'm dying to see Bridges as Cogburn, Brolin as Tom Chaney, and Mattie really suffer from snakebite.
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