Whether or not you want James Cameron to win an Academy Award for Avatar, you have to admit one thing -- you're probably curious as to what, exactly, he'll say if he wins. After all, Cameron did himself no favors with his self-congratulatory "I'm king of the world!" pronouncement when he got the Oscar for Titanic, and he's even admitted that he's aware he has a reputation as an egomaniac.

So it's devilishly fun that the editors of Vanity Fair have gotten hold of an early draft of Cameron's speech and leaked it via their ongoing web coverage. Titled "Greatest Oscar Speech Ever by James Cameron," the director's acceptance -- typed out on letterhead stationery that features an MGM logo with a roaring Na'vi instead of a lion -- thanks the population of Earth, and admits that the award means nothing to him.

"I mean, c'mon. Who else were you gonna give this to, UP IN THE AIR? Oh, two hours with George Clooney in a plane. Been there, done that. Except I called TRUE LIES and in mine, something actually happened."

Okay ... so it's not really a draft of Cameron's acceptance speech. But it's still pretty funny (read it here). And it raises again the question of what, exactly, the director will say should he win for Avatar -- will he once again basically take sole credit for a movie that took 14,000 people to make? Will he whip out a prehensile fiber-optic tail, grab the statue and yowl something in Na'vi? Or will he not win, and have to sit in his seat, clapping politely as his ex-wife wins for The Hurt Locker, and try to look like it doesn't bother him?

I guess we'll find out on March 7th.
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