File under Projects Nobody Asked For: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers is making a live-action/CGI family comedy based around the classic Looney Tunes character Speedy Gonzales, with George Lopez providing the voice of the super-sonic Mexi-mouse.

When I saw the headline, I thought, "Interesting". When I read the part about it being a live-action/CGI combo, my interest waned. When I got to the part where producer Anne Lopez said Speedy Gonzales now carries George Lopez's "Latino Seal of Approval" and that, "we wanted to make sure that it was not the Speedy of the 1950s -- the racist Speedy", my interest flatlined. Not because I want a racist Speedy, but because I never particularly found Speedy racist to begin with. He lives in a cartoon version of Mexico, the same way Fred Flintstone lives in a cartoon version of prehistory. There are no Mexican stereotypes that I know of that say that Mexican people are super-fast or adept at stealing cheese. To make sure my dead interest stayed buried, Warners hired the screenwriters that wrote both Garfield movies to tell the tale of how Speedy leaves his family behind to teach life lessons to a timid race car driver.

I don't know what compelled me to assume we'd get a really cool fully-animated Speedy Gonzales feature film (with Sylvester as the villain!), and not the obvious, weird cash-in hybrid that sounds like a blending of Alvin and the Chipmunks with Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Oh, Hollywood...

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