The War of Gods has found its oracle priestess in Slumdog Millionaire's Freida Pinto. Tarsem Singh will be directing the "Caravaggio meets Fight Club" action film with a mythological spin, which also stars Henry Cavill as the Greek warrior Theseus, who leads a battle against the long-imprisoned Titans. While Tarsem starts production on Gods this April, another Greek inspired tale will be unleashed in theaters at the same time, Clash of the Titans. Tarsem's narrative story skills are not always well received, but his unique vision and dramatic visuals are absolutely stunning and undeniably brilliant.

Before we caught light of his visual prowess in films like The Cell, Tarsem was directing music videos for bands like Deep Forest and R.E.M., as well as some of the most memorable and elaborate commercials that have ever graced my adoring peepers. After the jump you can check out several of Tarsem's best commercials including the We Will Rock You spot for Pepsi -- starring Enrique Iglesias as a goofy emperor and Britney Spears, Pink and Beyonce as a pack of gladiators out for a sugary six pack. While I'm not fond of any of the singers, I can always arouse some interest when there's a Queen song involved and Tarsem's style cinches the deal.

Perhaps my favorite commercials of his are the super sexy Campari ads that tease with a little gender bending and "meow" action from two lovely ladies. One of them even features the music of Jocelyn Pook, whose score you will probably remember from the masked ritual scene in Eyes Wide Shut. Way to go Campari for creating a drink made out of crushed insects totally appetizing! Hit the jump for more and visit Tarsem's website for other eye candy.