In 'Cop Out,' Bruce Willis bides his time between 'Die Hards' as Jimmy Monroe, a veteran New York City detective who operates as straight man to his loose cannon, fast-talking partner Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan of '30 Rock'). The pair work together to take down some Mexican gangsters and retrieve a stolen baseball card so Jimmy can pay for his daughter's wedding. Seann William Scott takes on the Joe Pesci role as the miscreant who cracks wise in the back seat.

Directed by Kevin Smith from a script by Robb and Marc Cullen (the first time Smith has helmed a feature that he hasn't written), 'Cop Out' is a send-up of those black-white buddy cop flicks a la '48 HRS' and 'Lethal Weapon' that were so pervasive in the 1980s. Unfortunately, most critics thought this movie -- with the exception of the scene-stealing Scott -- should have been arrested for disorderly conduct rather than released at large.

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