The Paranormal Activity 2 saga continues on the train to Weirdsville. After a feud over directors between Lionsgate and Paramount, the studio is still trying to find its helmer for the sequel to the supernatural story about a young couple who battle a malevolent entity in their home and capture the experience on tape. Several young genre directors are being considered for the part, but the L.A. Times reports that Scarface director, Brian De Palma is also among some other veteran filmmakers being considered.

How did we go from Oren Peli to De Palma? Well, Peli is currently in post-production for his latest film, Area 51, which centers around three teenagers who discover the elusive Area 51 Air Force base in the Nevada desert. Like Paranormal Activity, the film will use the 'found footage' angle but the budget will be bigger than the $15,000 Peli made his first film with. After a grassroots savvy marketing campaign, Paramount went full steam ahead and tapped Saw VI director, Kevin Greutert, and prime time veteran writer, Michael R. Perry, to create the sequel to last year's indie sensation. Ironically, this would have put Paranormal Activity 2 up against Lionsgate's Saw VII for this year's pre-Halloween weekend. Apparently, Lionsgate got their panties in a twist and decided to exercise an option in Greutert's contract that forced him back to the Saw series.