Latino Review
got the scoop that David Goyer (Batman Begins, The Unborn) is rumored to be hard at work with producer Christopher Nolan, hashing out the screenplay to Warner Brothers' planned Superman relaunch, supposedly titled Superman: The Man of Steel. This is the Superman version of Batman Begins, essentially -- not that it's an origin story, but in the way that it's completely disconnected from previous Superman incarnations. That means no Brandon Routh and no slavish quasi-sequel to the 1970's films.

There's little in the way of story details just yet, but Latino Review does cite Brainiac and Lex Luthor as the villains. Hooray for Brainiac, but can we please skip Luthor for at least one installment of the series? No film has quite gotten the character right, and I'd rather see Supes face off with someone he can actually have physical action scenes with -- Parasite, Mongul, Bizarro, anyone but Lex Luthor.

A new Superman movie sounds like a really tough sell, and this is coming from a guy who actually liked Bryan Singer's homage to Richard Donner. I acknowledge that it wasn't the Superman movie than most fans wanted to see, but it still strikes me as odd that Superman would ever be in a position where he'd actually be hard to market. Once bitten, twice shy, I guess. I'm hopeful that Nolan and company can turn this image problem around. There's still a lot to love about the Man of Steel.

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