For my first Horror Squad Movie Club pick, I wanted to choose a movie that I would invite a huge group of friends over to watch with me. I needed to choose a flick that had all the right things to keep the crowd entertained with gore, humor, violence and lots of un-PC behavior. It was then that I realized that Brian Trenchard-Smith'sNight of the Demons 2 could be my only answer.

Yes, I enjoy Kevin Tenney's original Night of the Demons; it has a decent amount of gore, Linnea Quigley and the sexypants dance scene to Bauhaus' Stigmata Martyr, but you get bigger and better gore with Trenchard-Smith's version, better pacing and an abundance of laugh out loud moments. Not only is there a badass, snarky demoness (Amelia Kinkade), but also a kick ass nun (Jennifer Rhodes), a wacky gang of friends including one named Mouse (Merle Kennedy) and a whole lot of naked shenanigans at a Catholic boarding school and at the creepy Hull House. What more do you need people?

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