Prior to 2005, Breck Eisner was probably best known as the son of Michael Eisner, a high-ranking Hollywood executive who worked at Paramount and Walt Disney among other studios. Since then, he's been the guy who helmed Sahara, a high-powered adventure film starring Matthew McConaghey which grossed $120 million worldwide. After Friday, he's hoping to be known as the director of The Crazies, a high-energy remake of George Romero's movie of the same name which the young director claims is the kind of work that he'd really like to be doing.

Suffice it to say that it's sometimes hard to imagine that filmmakers want to do films that are smaller rather than bigger. But Cinematical recently caught up with Eisner via telephone to discuss his current film and the future of his career; in addition to talking about tackling the remake, he revealed his own appetite for sci-fi and horror films, and observed how directing a character-based thriller like this one will help him take on Flash Gordon, which may be his next movie.

Cinematical: Remakes are common practice these days. What was it about this material that particularly appealed to you?