I hate to point out the obvious here, but it's worth doing so if only because the man deserves the support; Mickey Rourke is having one hell of a reversal of fortune in Hollywood. My hat is off to both Rourke and Jackie Earle Haley for running the unenviable gauntlet of Hollywood casting trends and not absolutely destroying themselves in the process. I'm glad to see both haven't turned their back on the system that's eaten unsung numbers of actors alive.

I'm even happier to see that casting departments have taken the following dialogue from Sin City to heart, "Most people think Marv is crazy. He just had the rotten luck of being born in the wrong century. He'd be right at home on some ancient battlefield swinging an axe into somebody's face. Or in a Roman arena, taking his sword to other gladiators like him."

It's looking like 'ole Marv can now fulfill his gladiatorial fate, if he so chooses. Yesterday Elisabeth brought news that the Conan the Barbarian remake wants Rourke to play Conan's father and now we're hearing the age of Hyboria may not be enough for him. Deadline Hollywood tells us Rourke is also up for the role of King Hyperion in the next film from The Cell and The Fall director Tarsem Singh; which is either called Dawn of War or Gods of War depending on where you read the title.

Rourke has been officially cast in Conan with negotiations underway for Singh's film. There's only a few week's gap between their respective start dates, so who knows, we might be getting a double dose of ancient Rourke next year. And as much as I like him, that does get me wondering if between The Wrestler, Iron Man 2, Conan and Dawn of War, audiences might just OD on Rourke's aging abs.
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