You probably recognize Peter Straub as 'the guy who wrote 'the Talisman with Stephen King'. That's a fair assessment. You're not alone. That's his big claim to fame, although he does have a storied career in fiction of all sorts dating back to the early 70's. If the Talisman ever makes it to the big screen and is done any sort of justice, expect rapturous shouts from many of the folks here on Horror Squad, myself included. It's been in and out of the Hollywood grinder for a while, so don't hold your breath. Aside from that, film adaptations of Straub's work have been slim. His first dip into the horror pool, Julia, was adapted in the late 70's as Full Circle. One horror fans are likely more familiar with, however, is Ghost Story, starring a dance-free Fred Astaire.

Now, the Pangea Film Group has announced that they're bringing his 1980 novel, Shadowland, to theaters. Shadowland lies in the gray area between horror and fantasy. It's a story of two young teens, Tom and Del, who go to stay with an odd uncle. Oh, and the uncle is a sorceror. PFG describes it as a cross between Dead Poet's Society and the Shining, which is probably the elevator pitch that got some studio exec to fund it.

At the helm is a fellow by the name of Erik Canuel, whom you all know from his work on the eleven episodes of Big Wolf on Campus. And who can forget the fine work of screenwriter Larry Leahy, from those groundbreaking Transformers episodes in the mid 1980s. If that's not enough to sell you, it should be noted that the full title is 'Shadowland 3D'. Now that you've gagged on my snark, discuss. . .
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