[Welcome to the Sci-Fi Lunch Break, where we'll be occasionally supplying you with a cool bit of audio/visual goodness to break up the monotony of the work day. You bring the turkey on rye, we'll bring you something out of this world to watch while you eat it.]

Oh, man, Judd Tilyard knows exactly what kind of movies I like, which is strange because I don't know Judd Tilyard and he doesn't know me. But if you were to run down a check list of my favorite staples of science fiction, it might look an awful lot like this teaser trailer for Tilyard's short film Frame 137.

Based off of a concept from The Crow creator James O'Barr (who gave Tilyard approval for the short), Frame 137 is a hybrid of cyberpunk's "fight 'em all" mentality set, I presume, within the confines of a bar in a perhaps not-too-far-off post-apocalyptic future. Check it out below.
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