There are movies that suffer from a title too confusing or vague ('Mystic Pizza,' anyone?). The new thriller 'The Crazies' doesn't have that problem. Breck Eisner's film centers on a small town whose reservoir is contaminated. The toxin makes the residents go stark, raving crazy.

The town sheriff (Timothy Olyphant) must be a bottled water drinker, because he virtually stands alone between order and chaos. Olyphant also plays a lawman in FX's upcoming series 'Justified.'

The original 'Crazies' was an early-70s creation of George A. Romero, better known for 'Night of the Living Dead.' This week's release is the latest directorial effort from Eisner, the son of former Disney CEO Michael Eisner. Breck Eisner's last film was 'Sahara' starring Matthew McConaughey and a pre-Oscar Penelope Cruz.

Romero's work was thought to be a meditation on U.S. involvement in Vietnam. There doesn't seem to be a consensus about what drives the new 'Crazies.' Is it tapping into everyone's fear of a pandemic? Is it just good, germ-y fun? The reviewers do find common ground in their opinion of Eisner's skill behind the camera. Here are some excerpts from this week's reviews:
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