Your friends and neighbors want to kill you. It's a simple concept, the basic underlying idea that drives the zombie movie genre, and it's the hook in Breck Eisner's fantastically efficient remake of George A. Romero's 1973 cult film. The Crazies, while not technically a zombie movie, mines that fear of your fellow man losing his damned mind and trying to kill you at all costs to great effect, and throws a touch of government paranoia into the mix in a way that manages to feel fresh.

The reason everyone in the tiny town of Ogden Marsh are turning into thick-veined, red-eyed lunatics is because of a major government screw-up of apocalyptic proportions. Seems a plane full of an unusable chemical weapon crashed on its way to disposal, right in the heart of Ogden Marsh's marsh. What starts as an isolated incident – an otherwise peaceful man storms a baseball field with a shotgun during a high school game – soon multiplies, transforming the town's rural residents into murderous sickos.