One British theme park wants to shower you in gold (or maybe just £500) if you make a small donation. They're taking the piss -- literally. Thorpe Park in Surrey wants to find the most pungent-smelling urine for their new horror maze, SAW Alive, based on the the Saw franchise.

The park's entertainment manager, Laura Sinclair, is the lucky girl who will be selecting the winning stench. "We want SAW Alive to be as authentic and terrifying as possible to make visitors feel as if they are living in a real-life horror film," she told newspapers. "To do this we need to really push the boundaries of what our guests experience from a sensory point of view." The new attraction will feature six traps within the maze depicting the most violent and gory scenes from the Saw film series.

The contest takes place on Friday and the winning cup o' pee will be granted almost $800. In other news, conspiracy theorists report that British theme parks will be asking for hair samples next.
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