Among the many things that have become popular again following the invention of the internet, folks seem to be really diggin' retro movie posters as of late -- so much so that a week doesn't go by without someone posting up new retro posters for older movies, whether they're advertising a screening or some sort of gallery showing. Retro posters are hot! Now, artist Travis Coburn has created a new batch of retro posters specifically for the BAFTA Best Picture nominees (aka British Academy Awards), which include Avatar, An Education, The Hurt Locker, Precious and Up in the Air. And for those who weren't already aware, The Hurt Locker won. Does that mean it'll win the Oscar? Gotta wait till March 7th to find that out.

I like this whole Retro Poster Revolution and I hope it continues. I hope other studios use this trend to their advantage by hiring real artists to come up with a poster that's original and unique. Universal recently scored points with the geek audience when they brought on legendary monster artist Basil Gogos to create a unique poster for The Wolfman. Why don't more studios do that? Our movie posters are really suffering these days from over-photoshopping and floating heads syndrome. And while I understand the studio's desire to create their usual generic movie poster, I also urge them to use some of that marketing money to put out something fun and original, too.

Check out the BAFTA posters by clicking through the gallery below, and see more of Travis' work over here. No word on whether these will go on sale, but if there's enough hype perhaps they will.

[via Buzfeed]