I've really been enjoying the David Lynch produced Interview Projectfor some time now. While director Austin Lynch (his son) and pal Jason S. seem to share the same eagle eye for the mundane and affection for people and their stories, watching the videos makes me yearn for the next Papa Lynch movie. A group of lovable YouTube monkeys shares my sentiment and have assembled some strange and amusing David Lynch versions of popular films.

Slow-mo and dreamy sounds make Return of the Jedi trailer spot on. It also helps knowing that Lynch almost directed the film. Tommy Jarvis' flashbacks and hallucinations set against Douglas-firs and a halfway house are perfect for a Friday the 13th: A New Beginning re-cut.A Goofy Movie's edits are pretty clever and a screaming baby is a lot less strange than a rambling Steve Guttenberg in the Three Men and a Baby trailer.

Equally as fun are the re-cuts for Dirty Dancing (where spaghetti arms doubles as garmonbozia), Vacation (Chevy Chase as a Frank Booth and Adam Kesher hybrid?) and a segue to television with House (this might actually make the show more enjoyable for me).

You can check out the trailers after the jump and indulge in some of that familiar Lynchian twang.