If you're a fan of Cyborg (how can you not be?), you may have heard that director Albert Pyun's original vision was to make the post-apocalyptic flick into a dialogue-free opera shot in grainy black and white. Producers dismissed the idea, and instead, we got the wobbly, opera-free cry of anger: "Fenderrrrrr!" But wait -- all is not completely lost in the world of Cyborg opera!

Yesterday, I mentioned Albert Pyun's next film over at SciFi Squad -- a new post-nuclear action flick written by Cyborg scribe Kitty Chalmers alongside Rebecca Charles and Cynthia Curnan. The director was kind enough to comment, and when I mentioned the rock opera, he wrote: "It's weird because until they went into being sold, I was discussing with MGM bringing out the opera version on Blu-ray. I think it still will happen. I did get permission from MGM to do a few other Cyborg related things that'll come out in April to coincide with my Tales of an Ancient Empire release (April 23rd). It'll be pretty cool for Cyborg fans."

We'll have to wait and see what the Cyborg-related goodies are, but god, how I am hoping for the Blu-ray release. That slow-mo walk needs high-definition. And opera. And goodies. Oh my!
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