A few weeks ago, Peter took a look at the latest developments on the Weekend at Bernie'sremake, and based on the amount of comments the post received, a lot of you seem to care one way or another about the 1989 original. Or, you at least have something to say about the concept of remakes. Either way, I'm sure you'd love to see what a Bernie's redo would look like if Tim Burton directed it with Johnny Depp in the titular role of the dead man. For better or worse, the guys at LandlineTV have made something to satisfy that curiosity.

I say for better or worse, because I honestly don't find their video to be all that humorous nor a worthy imitation of Burton's style. I hate to be so critical, as they seem to have put a lot of effort into this. I do love the concept, at least, but as I make a point to show with my Pitch of the Day posts, there are plenty of good ideas out there. But it's the execution that requires true effort and talent. For me, this clip goes along with other recent so-so attempts to understand specific auteur's aesthetics, such as the imagined Wes Anderson Spider-Man trailer and most of that hypothetical filmmaker-directed Super Bowl video.