Get your pouts ready, America, because it's almost time for a second helping of "Blue Steel."

Yes, according to Deadline Hollywood, Paramount is readying 'Zoolander 2,' with star Ben Stiller set to reprise his role as the titular supermodel, who uses such high-octane poses as "Blue Steel" and "Magnum" to dominate the fashion industry -- and save the world.

Considering the cult status that 'Zoolander' has attained since its 2001 debut, a sequel may come as no surprise, but the film has traveled a rocky road to get to this point. As a follow-up to Stiller's surprise 2000 smash 'Meet the Parents,' 'Zoolander' was expected to be a hit, but tepid reviews and unfortunate timing -- the movie debuted less that two weeks after the attacks on Sept. 11 -- caused the movie to limp to a disappointing $45 million domestic in-take. Then, in 2004, 'Zoolander' writer Drake Sather committed suicide, a tragedy followed up in 2007 by co-star Owen Wilson's own highly-publicized suicide attempt.
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