Last week I complained in my Doc Talk column about how I wished I had an opportunity to see all of the Oscar nominees for Best Documentary Feature. Well, my prayers have been answered by AMC Theatres, which will be hosting a marathon of all five films this Sunday, February 28. It's a great idea for us doc lovers to get a showcase similar to the cinema chain's annual Best Picture Showcase. Now, for a mere $30 (of $25 if you're an AMC MovieWatcher cardholder -- which you could likely join for free on the spot), you can see, in this order, Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country, Which Way Home, The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers, The Cove and Food, Inc.

You also get, same as the Best Picture Showcase, a large popcorn and unlimited refills, though none of these are really popcorn movies in the way many of the Best Picture nominees are. In fact, it might be kinda off putting for you to eat corn while watching Food, Inc. Not nearly as horrible as eating dolphin sushi while watching The Cove, but still a bit ironic. The other issue I have -- not that I should be complaining since I wished for a showcase like this -- is that it's only happening at two of AMC's cinemas, NYC's Empire 25 and LA's AMC Santa Monica. Isn't there anywhere else in this country that people like documentary film? At least the Oscar-nominated ones?
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