There was, in theory, a sequel to be made out of Timur Bekmambetov's Wanted. Newly minted killer and savior James McAvoy could have done something with all his bullet curving. But trying to bring back Angelina Jolie's character seemed to be the height of silliness and A-List desperation, and I could never see the actress really going for it, especially since she lobbied for that fatal ending. Not surprisingly, she's now dropped out of Wanted 2, according to NYT's Vulture Blog, and her disinterest has led Universal to kill the sequel altogether. Sorry, McAvoy. Apparently you're only an action hero if you have Jolie covering your back!

Now, Jolie and Warner Bros have revived the far more promising Gravity, a sci-fi thriller directed by Alfonso Cuarón. The story centers on the lone survivor of a space mission who is desperately trying to return to Earth, and reunite with her daughter. The film was originally set up at Universal and Vulture speculates that it's been languishing in pre-production because it's a "challenging" story to sell. But Warner Bros, producer David Heyman, and Legendary Pictures are willing to take a chance on it. I suspect we have the critical successes of Moon (which Gravity sounds very similar to) and the box office and trophy rewards of District 9 to thank for their interest in smart sci-fi.

Jolie is in the middle of filming The Tourist now, and her personal life seems to dictate her projects, so we'll have to see if she sticks with Gravity. (Ugly pun not intended.) It's certainly a plum role for any actress to take, and I'm thrilled to see the sci-fi surge hint at future Ripleys. (Duncan Jones' Source Code offers a similar promise.) And Cuaron returning to sci-fi after Children of Men? Be still my heart. I can't wait to see this one come together.
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