That one-named wonder McG may find himself without a film set to call home again. A few weeks ago, he was in negotiations to direct the romantic comedyThis Means War. War is centers on two spies who fall for the same woman, and proceed to try and kill each other over her. Fox has been trying to get it off the ground for ten years(!), and finally had lured Bradley Cooper and Reese Witherspoon to star in Timothy Dowling's latest rewrite. It just needed another actor to fill out the love triangle, and a director to steer it all home.

But now War is without its only leading man. EW reports that Bradley Cooper has dropped out. 20th Century Fox is claiming that there are schedule conflicts with The Hangover 2. But War was set to begin filming in June, and Todd Phillips isn't shooting Hangover 2 until fall. Reportedly, Cooper had issues with the script, and had "creative concerns" with the way the film was going though the actor and his reps didn't comment. They never do.

McG remains in negotiations, but will he stay? Most importantly, why is Witherspoon clinging to this project? If Cooper truly has issues with the script, might that be a sign that an Oscar winning actress should also run screaming? Step away from the romantic comedy, Ms. Witherspoon. I know you're much, much better than to be the center of a love triangle. You were June Carter Cash! You don't need this, unless you can convince them to play one of the spies. A woman fighting a man over a woman's affection? Why not? It would be likeImagine Me & Youwith cyanide capsules, and that would at least be different.

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