There's two casting goodies to share via The Hollywood Reporter:

She may have taken gigs like Bewitched, but did you ever imagine that Nicole Kidman would pop up in an Adam Sandler film? She'll appear in Just Go For It, which was previously titled The Pretend Wife when Jennifer Aniston signed on last December. The film will focus on Sandler, who convinces Aniston to grab her kids and play his "soon-to-be-divorced wife" and family so that he may win the heart of his dream girl. (What a smart plan.) But no, he's not pining for Kidman. Her under-wraps role is said to be a cameo. Instead, Sports Illustrated cover girl Brooklyn Decker will be the it girl.

Doesn't this sound awesome? (In case you didn't catch it, there's a lot of sarcasm in that last sentence.)

In other femme casting news, the Farrelly Bros.' Hall Pass is getting a big dose of '80s flavor by casting Kelly Bundy and Samantha Micelli. Christina Applegate and Alyssa Milano have both signed onto the comedy, but unfortunately, their roles aren't listed. What we do know is that the movie looks into the lives of two husbands who are "given permission to go outside their marriages for guilt-free romantic liaisons for one week." Another tired plot? Yes. But if the two men decide to fulfill their freedom with the television crushes from their youth, this could be good stuff. Most couples have that jokey "freebie" for their favorite star, so it could be fun to see what happens if real people get their wish. Alas, chances are my plot hopes are way off base.
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