With The Green Lantern going in front of cameras next month (in mere days, actually!), it only makes sense that we would start seeing movement on other DC properties at Warner Bros. Superman and Batman have gotten a lot of press this month, but the rumor mill is also swirling around a hero who has been delayed for far too long: The Flash. According to IESB, Warner Bros might invite Greg Berlanti to sit in the director's chair for The Flash. Those who followed Green Lantern for all those painful months of rumor and pre-production undoubtedly remember that Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim penned the original Lantern script. Berlanti was even attached to direct the film before Martin Campbell stepped in. (He also brought in Michael Green and Michael Goldenberg to rewrite the script, for what it's worth.)

This is all in the early, early stages and who knows if Berlanti will accept the gig, or if he'll take it only to be replaced as he was on Lantern. What's exciting about this is the strong possibility that The Flash is the next DC property that'll get the green-light. I know there's been rumors and fantasy Flash casting for years, but this is the day and age where the crazy hopes and dreams of big screen adaptations actually come true. Well, unless you're a DC character named Wonder Woman ....

I snark. In all fairness, Flash is a great and classic character and it's time he gets his due. I know you don't want to get too excited, but what is your ideal plan for a Flash movie? Do you think Berlanti is the man for the director's chair? Who do you want to see play him now that Ryan Reynolds joined the Lantern Corps?
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