If I didn't know better, Hollywood would have me convinced I've been time warped back to the 1970s. Tinseltown seems to be developing a wicked case of demonic movie fever and the only cure is to churn out as many exorcism flicks as possible. I can't recall seeing this many movies about priests casting out evil spirits since Linda Blair was spewing pea soup everywhere...

The latest title to join the fray is New Line's The Rite. Based on Matt Baglio's nonfiction book The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist, the title has been languishing in development Hell for well over a year. That's changed now, as THR's Heat Vision blog is reporting that a star has been cast in one of the lead roles.

Anthony Hopkins will play the part of a priest who is an expert in exorcisms, but who also utilizes less than traditional methods in combating evil. Go figure. The rest of the story focuses on a disillusioned American seminary student sent to The Vatican's exorcism school. While there, he discovers his faith through performing the rites of exorcism.

1408 helmer Mikael Hafstrom is set to direct, utilizing an adapted screenplay by Michael Petroni.

No word yet on who might play the seminary student. Feel free to offer your suggestions in the comment section below.
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