[Review by Luke Mullen.]

Ogden Marsh, Iowa is a small town with a Cheers vibe. Everybody knows your name. There's just the one doctor in town, a short main drag, and a small sheriff's station. It's the kind of town you might want to raise a family in, sending your kids down the street to Ogden Marsh School, home of the Tigers. It may as well be Mayberry. That's why it's so disturbing when you see the friends and neighbors you know so well start to kill each other.

The Crazies, based on the 1973 film of the same name, isn't a zombie film, but it evokes a lot of the same fears. The people you once knew, drank beer with, watched football with, they're not themselves anymore. They've changed, seemingly capable of anything. And before it's all over, you might just have to kill a few of them to survive.

The story focuses on Sheriff David Dutton, played by Timothy Olyphant, his deputy, Russell, and his wife, Judy, the town doctor, and her teenage assistant, Becca. Dutton quickly discovers the source of the infection spreading through his town, but before he has much chance to do anything about it, the military rushes in, canvassing the town and establishing a quarantine perimeter around. The townsfolk are all rounded up and tested, the sick separated from the healthy. But, as is so often the case, things go terribly wrong.
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