As much as I consider myself a 360 degree cinephile, musicals really aren't my thing. Some of the ones I like are conventional classics (The Sound of Music) and some are left field groundbreakers (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), but generally speaking I don't go out of my way to watch them, and don't necessarily enjoy them enough to even go back and check out the ones I've missed. All of which is why I naturally leaped at the chance to cover The Music Man when it was released on Blu-ray earlier this month.

Warner Home Video has done a really amazing job over the last few years reissuing all different kinds of movies, but primary-color Technirama films like this one seem to shine more brightly than most, especially under their care, and this one is no exception. But is the film genuinely good, or just gloriously colorful? Two and a half hours after sitting down in front of my television, that remains the question to be answered in this week's "Shelf Life."

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