While the rest of the world was celebrating Valentine's Day with their loved ones this year, a group of Star Trek fans decided to skip the lovefest and do a little something different ... like try to break a record for the most amount of people dressed up in Trek costumes in one place. Now, when you think of such a record, you'd probably imagine it to be at least in the hundreds, right? Especially considering all the Star Trek conventions held around the world each year, as well as the many different groups of fans spread out in every city in every country. That said, go ahead and give a guess as to how many people in costume broke the record.


99. Yup. All it took was 99 Trek fans dressed up in costume in one location in order to break a world record. Kinda lame if you ask me, Trek fans. The event was pieced together by the folks over at Star Trek Online, and, hey, I guess you gotta give them credit for breaking a world record ... even though it was probably one of the easiest to break ever. (And I wonder ... do you think any of them hooked up? I mean, it being Valentine's Day and all?)

[via Joystiq]
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