Man, remember back in the day, when David Goyer was going to do The Flash and Ryan Reynolds was going to star? Those were the days, man. Those were the days. Now Goyer is off doing The Man of Steel and Reynolds is the Green Lantern. What happened? This world is crazy.

The Flash has had one of "those" histories. About four announced directors, countless scripts and a helluva lot of "we're ready to move forward." According to IESB, Warner Brothers is ready to move forward yet again, this time with Greg Berlanti at the helm.

If that name makes you scratch your head and go "Who?", you're not alone. His IMDB page is a lot of television I never watched and never will watch...except for the writing credit for The Green Lantern. Apparently, Berlanti was almost going to direct that one, but lost out at the last second to Martin Campbell. Hard work means big rewards and WB was apparently impressed enough with his early work to hand him the keys to The Flash.

I could sit here and go "BLAH BLAH Why is a writer for Eli Stone and Brothers and Sisters going to direct The Flash BLAH BLAH," but the truth is, everyone has to get a start somewhere. Berlanti could be a visionary in the making. This could be his dream project. This could be something special, we just don't know it yet because his name has yet to gain significance. I'm also not a big enough fan of The Flash as a character to get too upset about any of this.

But yeah, a writer for Eli Stone and Brothers and Sisters is going to direct The Flash? BLAH BLAH.
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