Latino Review is reporting that Will Smith and Paramount Pictures is considering a remake of the 1941 Alfred Hitchcock classic 'Suspicion,' a quiet thriller about a shy Englishwoman who marries a dashing gentleman, then begins to suspect that he's trying to kill her for her money. The film starred Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine and had a happy ending, unlike the book it was based on, Frances Iles 'Before the Fact.'

Though we can't imagine a remake of 'Vertigo' or 'North by Northwest,' two films that sprang from Hitchcock's psyche, a straight-ahead thriller like 'Suspicion' could be remade. But the filmmakers better be careful and not try to mimic Hitchcock, like Gus van Sant did with his abysmal ("shot-for-shot") redo of 'Psycho.' They'd be better off taking a page form Andrew Davis' 1998 'A Perfect Murder,' which was loosely based on the play 'Dial M for Murder' that was the basis for Hitchcock's 1954 police procedural thriller (in 3D no less).
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