Just two weeks ago I covered the re-release of Goodfellas, and stressed the redundancy of questioning whether it was still as good as a movie as it was when it was initially released in 1990. Meanwhile, last week Buena Vista Home Entertainment re-released their Blu-ray for Gangs of New York, a film whose status is most decidedly not as assured, even among Martin Scorsese's biggest fans.

But even though I planned to do a "Shelf Life" column on the film, it seemed more important to pencil it in for this week's "Making The (Up) Grade," because those who do actually like the film have long-disliked its DVD and Blu-ray iterations, and are probably more interested in knowing if the new release redeems the poor quality of its predecessors. (That said, I reserve the right to revisit Gangs of New York in future weeks to see whether or not my initial love for it proves founded or not.)

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